05 Dec Thirsty

As the youth pastor over the FireHouse Youth Ministry of the Potter’s House of Denver, I observe a generation that is so far removed from what used to be traditional societal norms. Christianity to our youth can seem to be an ancient idea, fad even, that’s gone out of style to forever remain with mom jeans, Fannie packs and walkmans. They are faced daily with the hedonistic ideologies of the godless that seemingly engulf their every setting. But in the chaos of their reality, it is incredibly inspiring to know that not all are lost, not all are wandering, not all have forgotten. I have heard the sounds of revival, engaged the hearts of revolution and felt the pulse of the forgotten. Our youth are passionate about igniting their generation with the love, compassion and care of a savior who came to die for us, just as we are. There is no doubt we all have failures, shortcomings, struggles. We all have doubts and fears, hopes and dreams. The key is creating an environment fixed on cultivating a youth culture that emphasizing that when “we love God, we’ll keep His commandments”. Not in the judgmental or condemning sense. Rather in the Truth that says when we “seek Him we will find Him” and when we come to know Him, we can’t help but to love Him. To love Jesus is to please Him, and to please Jesus is to do our very best to ensure we keep His Word, knowing His grace is there to pick us when our human condition fails us.

This generation, so far removed from what was, is learning to cling to who was, is and is to come. They are part of the remnant, set apart to revolutionize a dying and desperate world. A generation not interested in traditions of old that exist apart from the power, grace and love of their savior. They are doing things generations before would never fathom, and loving Christ in a way that their forefathers prayed for and hoped.

This generation is not hopeless, they are thirsty, hungry, simply wanting something more. When Jesus encounters the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4, He encounters a woman who has had her fill of everything else and was constantly searching for someone to satisfy the thirsting within. In her effort to quench her longing she’s gone from man to man and here she encounters Jesus who not only reminds her of her dilemma, but points her to the solution. This generation is tired of being told their choices for satisfaction are wrong without being pointed to the only thing that satisfies. When the Samaritan woman hears Jesus tell her that He has living water of which, if she drinks, she’ll never be thirsty again, she doesn’t argue, she doesn’t debate, she doesn’t storm away. This woman who has been desperate in her search, relentless in her pursuit for anything to satisfy simply responds, “where do I get this water?” She was tired. This generation at 12, and 14, and 17, they are also tired. And all they need is for us to point them in the direction of the living water, that they would never thirst again. When you show them the water, and they will drink, and they will live, and they will ensure that not another thirsty soul passes them leaving the same way. Our FireHouse Youth are bold, they are wise, they are loving, they are creative, and this generation, they are His.

DaWan Hill
Associate Pastor
FireHouse Youth Ministry

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