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The Potter’s House of Denver Senior Pastors


Touré Roberts is a well-known author, speaker and spiritual mentor to many. He is also the founding pastor of the innovative One Church LA., a thriving church community originally established as an outreach to the arts and entertainment communities of Los Angeles. One LA has grown over the last thirteen years into a global ministry to thousands of parishioners in the greater Los Angeles area and beyond. His wife and co-pastor Sarah Roberts is an acclaimed speaker, author and minister in her own right. She is known for her transparency, compassion and relevancy in both her best-selling books and her sold-out conference appearances. Together they are an incredible team filled with the vision, the excitement and passion to take this church to the next level.


“This is a tremendous church and we are so honored to be given the privilege to serve the Denver community. My wife Sarah and I along with our children are excited for the challenge ahead. We have already moved in and started to roll up our sleeves. We’ve got some exciting projects on the horizon and feel fortunate to lead such a talented team here at The Potter’s House.”

 Pastor Touré Roberts.


The Potter’s House of Denver is a diverse family friendly-ministry called to serve the greater Denver community and beyond. We have a history here of compassion and involvement within our city and our state. We are humbled to have the type of leaders among us who will work diligently to continue to not only uphold that legacy but expand the care, the outreach and the love that we as the church have always been known for here.


We look forward to Pastors Touré & Sarah Roberts serving our church and our city. Please come by and visit us at any of our regular services. We are and we continue to be the place where God mends, heals, delivers and loves; we are The Potter’s House Church of Denver, Colorado.



  • The Potter’s House of Denver is one of the most multi-culturally diverse congregations in Denver with a membership of over 5,000 people.
  • The Potter’s House of Denver Food Bank annually feeds almost 40,000 people
  • The Potter’s House of Denver Back to School Outreach today provided over 200 Backpacks filled with school supplies donated to children in need.
  • 19,000 young adults and teenagers and 30,000 children are served each year.


Interview opportunities available with Pastor Toure’ and Sarah Roberts