Food Bank

The Potter’s House of Denver Food Bank Ministry provides food for hundreds of individuals from our congregation and the community at large.  Our ministry helps to sustain families with urgent food needs as our Lord and Savior Jesus commanded and exemplified.  Our food distribution process is described below:




Registration: 8:30am –   9:30am

The Sign-in/Registration booth opens at 8:30AM in the hallway directly in front of the entrance to the Administrative Offices.

This process has three components:

1) Food Distribution Record
2) Menu/Order Form
3) Ticket Stub


Each client must provide pertinent information on the Food Distribution Record for agency reporting (i.e. name of Head of Household, number of family members in home, city of residence, etc.).


The client will select desired items from food choices available for that day’s distribution.  This form is rushed to our production team, where each bag is assembled and prepared for pick up.

Generally, there will be:

  • Two meat selections
  • Two canned vegetable choices
  • One breakfast selection
  • Several assorted items

The menu choices are dependent upon the availability of items stocked in the Food Bank.  The goal is to provide at least one complete dinner, and enough accompanying items to provide meals for several days.




Distribution 1: 12:15pm  – 12:45pm


Once the doors open, clients will enter and join a line: ticketed and non-ticketed.  Upon presentation of their ticket stub to a shopping assistant, the client will be given his or her pre-packaged bags.  These bags are re-useable and clients are strongly encouraged to return them each week.  The client then proceeds to make a selection of bread items, fresh fruit/vegetables (if available), and other miscellaneous items with the guided help of our shopping assistants.

If a client misses the initial sign-in/registration period they will be issued an emergency bag.  Emergency bags may not contain the same items as regular distribution bags.  Once they receive their bags they may proceed to make bread and other selections as previously noted. Emergency bags must also be signed for by recipients.  This will take place in the Food Bank only after the sign in booth is closed.



TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Emergency bags are available during normal church business hours on Tuesdays & Thursdays through the Administrative Office.  These bags will typically contain dry goods only. Emergency bags are designed to sustain families with an urgent food need, while they attempt to make other provisions. These bags can be claimed by notifying the church receptionist in the office lobby.

For additional information, please contact the Food Bank Ministry using the form below.