The Potter's House of Denver is a church with an "Open Door" invitation. Everyone who responds to this invitation is welcomed by the Pastors and Elders of The Potter's House of Denver into membership. Each person that responds to this invitation is encouraged to get involved with the Ministry Services provided.

"Guidance of Membership"

Guidance courses are provided, your decision to join membership of The Potter's House of Denver is recorded. The courses are covering Salvation, The Bible, Prayer, Fellowship and Witnessing. If you are unable to physically be present to join during this designated time, are in a remote location, stationed overseas or live in a different state, but you still wish to call The Potter's House of Denver your home church, then the membership process can also be completed via application.
If you are transitioning between church homes or merely looking for a ministry to be a part of until you find one, we welcome you to become an eMember of The Potter's House Church of Denver. eMembers are just as important to us as those that attend services in person every week! While this option cannot replace a local church fellowship we are happy to welcome you like family until you find a local fellowship to connect with. Our eMembers:
  • Stay Connected with news and updates on TPHD events and Ministries
  • Receive exclusive message updates and discounts on select sermons
  • Frequent inspirational messages and content from our Video On Demand page and Social Media groups.
  • Contact the ePastor by calling 303-369-8514 or via