The Foundations classes offers a clear overview of the beliefs, theology, culture, expectations, and church vision of The Potter’s House of Denver. This class serves as a prerequisite and introduction to membership and volunteer involvement at The Potter’s House of Denver.



The Foundations 101 class is intended for those who seek membership or to become more involved in ministry at The Potter’s House of Denver in any capacity.


The class is offered within the same eight-week rotation as The Potter’s Wheel Mentoring Groups.


Upon completion of this eight-week course, class members will be classified as “members”, and able to volunteer in various areas of opportunity within The Potter’s House of Denver.


At the final class meeting, class participants will be presented with areas that are open for volunteer participation. This will be the first opportunity for class graduates to get connected in ministry.


Class participants that successfully complete this course will be presented before the congregation for Foundations Graduation (per schedule availability) and receive a certificate of completion. After successfully completing Foundations 101, the next best step to consider is Foundations 202.


Our fall Foundations 101 class has not yet been announced. Please check back!




Welcome to Foundations 202! As my 101 course introduced you to the Biblical foundations of our Christian Faith, 202 will guide you in a journey to find your divine purpose through practicing the presence of God in your daily life. I believe that there is a place in The Potter’s House of Denver where your purpose can be fulfilled. There is no greater joy than to be to have a purpose-full life. It is time to release God’s divine destiny over you.


Have you ever asked the question, “Are leaders born or made?” This interactive course will guide participants interested in discovering and developing their spiritual gifts for leadership in the church. The key principle of this course is that spiritual leadership begins with the development and practice of spiritual disciplines and continues with the understanding and application of one’s Spiritual gifts in determining a leader’s place of service in the body of Christ.


We will walk together through this course exploring the following topics by these great Christian writers:

  1. Jesus’ Leadership Strategy – Dan Spader
  2.  Spiritual Leadership – Oswald Sanders & Personal Spiritual Checkup – Billy Beecham
  3. Master’s Plan of Evangelism – Robert Coleman
  4. Gospel Identities – Soma Communities


In this course you will receive a handout entitled “Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts” by C. Peter Wagner and a description of the Wagner’s 28 Spiritual gifts. Finally, you will find Wagner’s Spiritual Gift Survey. Go ahead and follow the directions and take the survey. Once you have finished answering the survey questions, place your score for each answer in the scoring chart and total each row to discover which your main Spiritual gifts are!


It is our prayer that the Lord will use this course to unlock your purpose and spiritual gifts to bless your life and our church as you step into His blessing.

This 4 week course meets at 6:30pm in the Banquet Hall August 1-22. Register Here.