Defenders of Freedom

The Potter’s House of Denver salutes the men and women who stand on the wall to guard the freedom of our cities, states and nation. We believe that those who serve in our United States Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire and Rescue Teams, and Emergency Response Teams are truly the Defenders of Freedom.   These serve, protect, fight, rescue and endure for our peace of mind, and for this we are most grateful.  We honor the men and women who guard our inalienable rights, which were established by our forefathers, and are based upon principles established by Almighty God.


The goal of this ministry is to meet the unique needs of these warriors and their families.  The Defenders of Freedom Ministry serves and supports by:

– Referrals to other ministries and services within the Potter’s House of Denver for assistance
(e.g. Food Bank, Life Groups Counseling, Potter’s World Children’s Ministry, FireHouse Youth Ministry, etc.)
– Prayer support for Defenders of Freedom spouses and families.


Military Assistance
Resource materials are also available, which outline the benefits to veterans, active duty and retired military personnel in the Denver Metro Area.

Law Enforcement, Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Response Assistance
We also serve these service men and women by providing access to The Potter’s House of Denver for training and development exercises. Please contact the Defenders of Freedom Ministry for facility scheduling and availability by submitting the relevant details in the form below.

Defenders of Freedom Inquiries