3 Part Harmony

3Part harmony is the primary marriage ministry of the Potter’s House Church of Denver. This ministry is designed for married couples to enjoy each other and fellowship with other couples through quarterly events and weekly “Kingdom Couples” small groups. Join us for the RelationShift Marriage Retreat, October 13-14 at Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs.


This Year’s Marriage Retreat theme is RelationSHIFT: Shifting the modern view of marriage to God’s plan by using The Seven Pillars as a foundation.

  • Priorities- the levels of focus for the home from most to least importance. Like anointing oil, successful priorities start from the head and trickle down.
  • Safety- creating an environment where intimacy can thrive. At all times, marriages either move toward or away from safety
  • Covenant- creating the security of knowing you’re both committed to the marriage. Committing to your spouse as God has committed to us… I will never leave you nor forsake you.. Heb 13:5
  • Forgiveness- freeing your soul and spirit from the bondage of grudges, resentment, and hate. Lifting the burdens and trauma of life through forgiveness removes the baggage that we typically carry into marriage.
  • Trust- the gift earned through reliability that defines how much of yourself you give to your spouse. Trust is a gift. It has a price. Love always trusts. 1Cor 13:7
  • Love- shared soul and spirit connections of many types that allow us to bond to those nearest to our heart.
  • Friendship- the initial framework of all relationships.  Sound friendships establish the trajectory and depth of all marriages.